Design as a Service

It might be a matter of work plan or the sudden appearance of uncovered work load which requires you to outsource project-work. With designface’s experts and equipment you can rely on our business expertise and expect deliverables in studio-quality.

Beyond planned work-packages we also offer you consulting services to create impartial studies and capture independent perspectives on your objectives and practices.

UI / UX / HMI Design

UI / UX / HMI Design

Designing interfaces and interactions is a major key to market success and customer satisfaction. Embedded interfaces have their own rules and insufficient usability leads to frustration. Our experts create sophisticated user experiences, pixel-perfect graphics and build 3D interfaces.

Exterior Design

Exterior Design

The fundamental groundwork of your brand is the exterior design. It's the driver’s first impression and the last recall. Neither aesthetics nor functionality can afford compromises, it’s a matter of trust and expertise to realize iconic and remarkable design.

Color and Material Design

Color and Material Design

It’s about the soul of a product. The interplay of materials, colours and their finish enables a unique brand experience. Researching, creating and realizing materials is a fascinating and enjoyable tasks to breathe new life into a product.

Interior Design

Interior Design

There may be 1.000 visible parts in a vehicle’s interior, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. No other field in cardesign is as complex as interior design. The parts are driven by tight requirements, shaped with passion and executed with love to details. A great interior is like a well conducted symphony orchestra and it depends on each individual part.

Digital Modelling and CGI

Digital Modelling and CGI

3D models and CGI are the digital backbone of vehicle design and engineering. They enable simultaneous creation and evaluation while being the center of data and project-organization. Skilled and artful digital modellers are key to successful design.

Vehicle Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

Engineers are essential in turning visions into reality. They push the limits and exceed expectations. The era of new energy vehicles and new mobility concepts has opened a race to uncharted territories.

image sources:

UI/UX record of AUDI Q4-etron showcar taken in Geneva 2019 by designface

Exterior rendering by Fred Zanjacomo, thanks Fred!

C&M record of MASERATI "crafting the future" taken in Geneva 2019 by designface

Interior media-stock

3D CGI media-stock

Engineering media-stock

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